• Negotiating, structuring and facilitating high value property deals including purchase, sale and lease of Properties, including vacant lands and building structures
  • Study of title documents and advising on documents required for the Due Diligence Process
  • Preparation and submission of Title Opinions
  • Conducting search in the offices of the concerned Sub-Registrars and submission of Search Reports
  • Verification of Original Documents
  • Physical verification of site in correlation to the property title documents
  • Drafting, negotiating and securing of Contracts with respect to LAND:
    Agreements of Sale/ Sale Deeds
    Joint Ventures/ Memorandum of Understandings/ Development Agreements/ ​
    Power of Attorneys
    Agreements of Lease/ Lease Deeds
    Release Deeds
    Gift Deeds; etc.
  • Liason with various Government Departments such as Urban Land Ceiling Authority, Joint District
  • Registrar, Town Planning, Forest Department, etc.